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Single-phase motor centrifugal switch how to pick

Update:07 Nov 2017

1. First remove the front cover bolt of the single-phas […]

1. First remove the front cover bolt of the single-phase motor with a screwdriver.

2. If there is a coupling or key on the motor shaft, remove the front cover of the motor with a puller. If you feel the end cap is tight when rotating the puller, you can rotate the puller while tapping.

3. After removing the front cover, we will find that the contact of the centrifugal switch is on the inside of the cover, and the status of the two contacts after disconnection is disconnected.

4. Contact is composed of two reeds, we can gently press the end of the reed, you can see the closed state, that is, the motor is not activated state.

5. Centrifugal hammer mounted on the motor shaft, it is mainly through the centrifugal motor rotation of the reed from closed to open state, thereby breaking the start capacitor. After disassembled, two springs can be seen as "eight" shaped support centrifugal end caps. When the motor rotates at a high speed, the springs will no longer support the top end of the centrifugal hammer and the contacts will be disconnected.

6. Be careful not to touch the windings of the motor stator when removing the cover. Especially in the disassembly of the motor rotor, it is best covered with cloth or other cardboard, so as not to touch the winding and cause a short circuit.