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If the centrifugal switch is not open, what will be the consequences?

Update:05 Dec 2017

Centrifugal switch off is not open, will lead to mechan […]

Centrifugal switch off is not open, will lead to mechanical equipment can not stop working, the resulting high temperature easily burned the machine, resulting in unnecessary economic losses.
If you encounter centrifugal switch off the case, remember panic, be sure to ensure the safety of the entire circuit system under the premise of the total power off, the loss to a minimum.
Centrifugal switch is mainly used to control the start-up coil of single-phase motor, which consists of two parts:
(1) Centrifugal mechanism rotating around the motor shaft;
(2) Fixed switch with electrical contact for control of the starting coil.
working principle
Single-phase motor used, installed in the rotor of the motor, the circuit connected in series in the starting circuit. When the rotor is stationary, the switch is on and the switch is off when reaching a certain speed. Starting start loop start through the centrifugal switch is turned on, to reach a certain speed centrifugal switch off automatically cut off the start circuit, the end of the start, the motor becomes running.