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Update:14 Nov 2017

So switch socket installation should pay attention to w […]

So switch socket installation should pay attention to what matters?
1, the switch should be 130 ~ 150cm away from the ground, 15 ~ 20cm away from the door frame, behind the door should not be installed, the same direction of opening and closing, a switchboard position at least 0.2m away from the top of the board above; Ming socket height of not less than 1.3m , Dark seat not less than 0.3m, kitchen and another set, do not install on the bed or tabletop;
2, bathroom, balcony to be installed splash-proof sockets, bathtubs, faucets, stove top should not be installed, 15cm around the gas meter can not be installed;
3, household appliances hanged with two sockets,  switch larger, need to stay in place, often unplugged appliances available
With switch socket
4, the switch in the opposite direction with more hands open and close, right hand than the left hand, generally in the door on the left, the door switch should
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5, three sockets: on the ground line, then the zero line, the right then the line of fire; two: left pick the zero line, the right then the line of fire;
6, firmly installed, tighten the connector, joint spacing greater than 3cm, to avoid Weld;

7, calculate the load: no fixed body of the socket by 1000 watts count, ordinary socket with 2.5mm2 copper wire;
8, the best decoration with plastic bags wrapped switch or socket panel to prevent fouling;
9, to avoid the sub-shares at the same time into the same column, to avoid the load exceeds the line power, causing overload, threading do not exceed 40% ~ 60% of the inner diameter of the pipe;
10, fully loaded with all the wires and switches, outlet socket copper pillar contacts.